In 2023, I was fortunate to contribute to the launch of Insight, an innovative platform supported by the Peace Parks Foundation and SA Wildlife College, aimed at uniting those fighting wildlife crime through shared knowledge and collaboration.
Project Overview:

Insight offers a secure space for exchanging strategies, learning from experiences, and pioneering conservation efforts. It's about enhancing global responses to wildlife crime through unity and shared insights.
My Contribution:

Leading the project management of the Insight website, I ensured a seamless, user-friendly online experience. In collaboration with a talented designer, we developed a platform that's both technically sound and intuitively engaging. Beyond the core website functionality, I was responsible for creating the chatbot, crafting its dialogue to offer instant, helpful interactions for users. I also designed comprehensive user guidelines and documents, simplifying the system's use. Further, I developed a series of instructional videos, providing step-by-step assistance for navigating the system. My role extended to branding as well, where I worked to visually and conceptually bring the Insight identity to life.
Looking Ahead to 2024:

We're focused on refining the website and ramping up marketing efforts to broaden the project's impact and reach in the fight against wildlife crime.
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