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In 2023, I had the privilege of being involved in an innovative conservation initiative: Selati’s Verreaux’s Eagle Project. This groundbreaking project leveraged the power of live-streaming technology to offer a window into the private world of a pair of Verreaux’s Eagles nesting within the Selati Game Reserve. The initiative's aim was not only to provide insights into the breeding behaviour of these magnificent birds but also to drive fundraising efforts for their conservation.
My Involvement
My contribution to this groundbreaking project covered a few key areas:
Website Technology Integration: My task involved developing the web pages and functionalities needed for a new membership platform. This allowed individuals to sign up and support the conservation efforts directly through the Selati Wilderness Foundation’s existing website. Crafting the textual content for this section, I aimed to communicate the project's goals and the impact of potential contributions clearly and engagingly.
Highlight Video Packages: My responsibility extended to assisting in the production of several highlight videos, which were then showcased on the website and YouTube. These video highlights document key behaviours and events, from initial nest preparation to observed feeding patterns and the fledgling’s wing-flapping exercises.
The Selati’s Verreaux’s Eagle Project has been a resounding success, offering unique insights into the lives of these raptors. Through innovative use of technology and a comprehensive engagement strategy, we were able to connect a global audience with the importance of preserving wildlife and their habitats.
Find out more about this exciting initiative here:

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